Monday, December 14, 2009

Reducing Blog's Loading time

Well,the major concern for all bloggers is their respective blogs taking a hell a lot of time to load.
Bloggers all around the world fail to consider that majority of their readers have dial-up connections. We,Bloggers are so fascinated in loading our blogs with gadgets that we tend to forget that these gadgets are themselves one of the culprits for increasing the blog's loading time!

The loading time of my blog too was very large,not until I did some research on net and sorted it out! Now my blog loads in less than 5 secs!

So,I am writing this tutorial to help the bloggers around the world to reduce their Blog's loading time!

1>Make sure the number of posts on your blog's homepage is <10.
To obtain this, go to Settings tab->Click on 'Formatting' Tab-> Then type a number <10 in the 'Show' post box. Save and close

2>Reduce the size of the images in your blog posts. Make sure you upload images of smaller sizes on your blog.

3>Lots of CSS,Javascripts in the code of your blog's template will increase the loading time of your blog.
Best way to tackle this is use a CSS Compressor! Do this:
->Click on the Layout Tab->Then click on Edit Html tab.
->Check(Tick) the box 'Expand Widget Templates'
->Backup your current template
->Copy all the code present between <b:skin> and </b:skin>
-> Click on this link
->Choose the 'Compression Mode' to 'Normal'
->Choose the 'Comments Handling' to 'Dont strip any comments'
->Paste the copied code in the box 'Insert CSS Code Here' and click 'Compress it'
->Now you will get the compressed CSS Code.
->Copy this compressed code,go to your blog->Click On Layout->Edit Html
->Paste this compressed code between the <b:skin> and </b:skin>
->Save and close your template.

4>Another improtant method to reduce the page load time would be shifting all the 3rd party gadgets(which you have installed from the third party side) from the sidebar to the footer bar.

Try all the steps mentioned above and Happy Blogging! Blogger Templates
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