Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yippee!! Blogger's NEW FEATURES!

This is the time every blogger/blogspot user had been waiting for!
Were you frustrated about the following things?
1>The pictures you insert,getting inserted at the top INSTEAD of the cursor position you were pointing to?
2>Absence of 'Read More' links or 'jump breaks' or  ability to EXPAND your posts??
3>Displaying Comment Avatars of Commenters beside the comments

Well,not anymore! Google recently turned 10 on August 2009!
In order to celebrate their joy of success,they have launched the following features:

1>Ability to insert,resize image at desired cursor position
2>'Read More' links or 'Jump Breaks' for expanding posts.
3>Displaying comment avatars of commenters beside comments

All you need to do is this..
1>Login to your account
2>Go to settings
3>Scroll to the bottom of the page ,see the option "Select Post Editor"
4>Check the radio button 'Updated Features' for this option
5>Save your settings and start blogging!

Now,when you create a new post, you will find a screen like this..

In the figure above, 1 refers to inserting images in desired cursor points
2 refers to applying 'Read More' links or post breaks in posts

a>Inserting images at desired location: Click on the icon (labelled as 1) in the figure above,upload an image. By default the image will be placed in the middle . To place the image to the left or right, click on the image,and select the option 'left','center' or 'right'.
You can also select the size of the image from the option 'small','medium','large'

b>Inserting Read more links..
click on the icon (labelled as 2) in the figure above,a 'Read More' link or Jump breaks will be inserted!

c>Displaying Comment Avatars of commenters beside the comments,click here
Like it?
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