Monday, December 14, 2009

Feedburner and your Blogs

Feedburner allows the  visitors on your Blog  to subscribe to your Blog's Posts. In order to burn the feed of your Blog in the Feedburner,make sure you have atleast One Post on your Blog.

Feedburner is Google's product which allows the Blog's authors to burn feeds of their blogs and the readers to subscribe for feeds of their Favourite Blogs.

In order to burn your Blog's feed in the Feedburner,follow these steps:
1>Visit the link :
2>Enter your gmail credentials to login to the account.
3>Type your Blog's url or feed url in the space given on this website and click next
NOTE: For Blogspot blogs, your feed url is  http://your-blog-url/feeds/posts/default
Replace Your-Blog-Url with the url of your blog
4>Again click Next and keep on clicking Next until you receive this message 'Congrats!Your Feedburner Feed is now Live'.

Now there are numerous ways in which you can make your Blog's feed available for Readers:
1>Using an Email Subscription Box : You can Display an 'Email Subscription' Box for the readers,so that they can enter their email ids in that box and receive updates of your Blog as an email to them.

To install the 'Email Subscription Box' onto the sidebar of your blog,do this:
->Follow all the steps mentioned above till step 4 correctly.
->When you receive the Congrats notification page,click on 'Skip Directly to Feed Management' button
->Click on Publicize Tab -> Click on 'Email Subscription' tab-> Click on 'Activate'.
->Copy the 'Subscription Link' code (The second code box on the page'
->Go to Your Blog-> Layout Tab-> Page Elements Tab -> Add a Gadget-> Choose 'Html/Javascript gadget'-> Paste the code
->Save and close.

2>Using Headline Animator: You can display a headline animator(like mine) on your Blog to display the titles of your posts and helping the readers to subscribe for your posts.

Follow these steps:
->Go to 'Publicize' Tab in your Feedburner account
->Click on 'Headline Animator'
->Choose the theme,size,width,height,format,color etc ..The Preview changes as you edit these parameters.
->Click on Activate
->On the next page,choose the Blogging Platform like Blogger,Typad,Wordpress,Myspace etc.
->It will open a new window. Choose Your Blog. The gadget will be automatically inserted on your blog's sidebar.
Note: If your blog's platform is other than the ones mentioned above, select 'Others(just give the code)' option .Copy the Html code and paste it on your Blog

Happy Feedburning! ;) Blogger Templates
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