Thursday, December 17, 2009

Amazon Associates in Blogger

Good news to all the Bloggers who plan to make a few bucks by blogging!
Blogger now has integrated 'Amazon Associates' . Using this, the blogger can advertise for Amazon Products and make money from their posts.

Follow these steps:
1>Go to Monetize Tab of your blog
2>Click on Amazon Associates Tab.
3>If you do not have the 'Amazon Associates' account, create one, or if you have an account, enter your 'Amazon Associates ID' in the space given and click Next.
4>It will ask you to enable the 'Product Finder', enable and click Next and you are done!

Now whenever you write a New Post, the 'Amazon Product Finder' will be displayed at the Right Hand side of your post like this:

In the Product Finder,just enter the product of your choice which you plan to advertise in your blog post and hit 'Go'.
It will display the products with Link, Image and Link+Image tabs. Just click on your choice and the product will be automatically inserted into your blog post!

So,whenever anyone clicks on this product from your blog and buys it in Amazon,you will receive your commission! Blogger Templates
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