Thursday, December 17, 2009

Importing Your Blog into Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site which is used by more than million users today.
So,in order to gain traffic to your Blog/Website, one easier way is to import your blog into Facebook.
This increases the traffic of your blog and also visibility of your blog!

1>Login to your Facebook account
2>Hover your mouse on 'Settings' tab of your Facebook homepage . It displays the list of settings
3>Choose 'Application Settings'.It displays a list of Application Settings.
4>Now click on 'Notes'
5>On the Right hand side of the panel, click on 'Import a Blog'.
6>Enter the  url of your blog/website in the space provided
7>Check(Tick) the agreement box and click on 'Start Importing'

Now,whenever you write a new post in your blog, it will be imported into your Facebook account and displayed for your users. Blogger Templates
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